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Have you seen that? This is a new song by Imagine Dragons called “Warriors” - enjoy! Pure perfection!

"It’s sad to see where the world is. Everyone anxiously awaits the opportunity to tear each other apart. Like an animal seeking out the weakest victim to prey on, waiting for someone to trip to pounce. Whatever happened to chivalry. Whatever happened to respect. Whatever happened to integrity. A man is defined by how he treats others. A man admits his faults, raises up his peers a not himself. I am constantly saddened to see how much hate surrounds us. If only we could all peer into the deepest parts of each other, we would see the simple desire that everyone has to just be loved and accepted. We would understand that difference in gender/race/sexual-orientation/religion/politics/physical appearance etc is all meaningless. We are all one. We all have the same desire to be loved. Yet me sit and wait to laugh and point. Because we think it will make us feel better about ourselves. But in reality it is the root of all sorrow and self doubt. I am by no means perfect at this, judgement is like a plague. It has no place in a healthy society yet it seeps into the cracks of all of us. Change begins with me and you. I hope to open my eyes and see everyone for who they are: a soul seeking love and acceptance."


- Dan Reynolds (twitter)